Legacy Meets Lifestyle at Hill Barn

Client: Ellergreen Estate

On the map: Burneside, Cumbria, UK

Values: Rural Enhancement, Sustainability

Status: Construction

Located just outside both the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District National Park, Hill Barn is a creative solution to both the declining fortunes of traditional local field barns and the rural housing shortage. These architectural icons of the region’s heritage and resourcefulness are in decline. More than 40% of field barns in the Yorkshire Dales National Park are in a poor condition. Our concept solves two rural problems with one design. After repairing and conserving the field barn’s exterior shell using local materials and traditional craft skills, a high-performance, pre-fabricated pod will be inserted into its interior to create a three-bedroom home. 

This combination of repair and repurpose will preserve an evocative symbol of local history and ease the rural housing crisis, creating a beautiful and sustainable home for future generations of country dwellers.

Image credits: Vis