On the right track in Skipton

Client: Craven District Council

On the map: Skipton, Yorkshire, UK

Values: Community, Urban Enhancement

Status: In progress

The story: The studio has been appointed to work with world-leading architects Allies and Morrison to develop a masterplan to transform the area surrounding Skipton Railway Station. Chosen from teams across the UK, the winning masterplan will integrate the station area into the daily life of the town to create a vibrant and flexible place to work, meet, shop and relax. 

Making Skipton healthier and happier is central to the concept. Improving the town’s walkability, enhancing green spaces and building on Skipton’s strong community spirit are some areas to be explored during a grassroots consultation with local residents. The project chimes with the studio’s core aim of putting people at the centre of everything it designs. We create places that reflect the spirit of a community and improve its wellbeing, health and quality of life.