Mcmullan Studio believes design is optimistic. Based in London, our team creates architecture of all types and scales. Whatever the project, we think every challenge has a perfect solution. To reveal it, we bring a disciplined passion for making the impossible, tangible. Empathy is at the heart of our approach. We immerse ourselves in other people’s worlds to put them at the centre of our work.

Zooming in and zooming out, we see beyond the obvious to create original work with deeper meaning for a place and its people. Even when the path isn’t clear, we never fall back on cliché or stale certainty. Instead, we dare to be generalists. Our breadth of perspective is our greatest strength. We connect dots that specialists are too close to see. Curiosity pushes us towards rigorous research. We question and test to exhaust possibilities and unlock creativity. Constantly adapting to answer the challenges of tomorrow.

This positive vision of architecture is shaped by studio founder Andrew Mcmullan. Creating renowned global projects for fifteen years, he has shown that innovative design comes from multiple flashes of insight. Today, he brings together eclectic ideas and thoughtful pragmatism to create beautiful, buildable projects for progressive clients. People who want design to tell their story and make a deep human impact. 

Together, we will turn constraints into opportunities to be more inventive – from initial concept to construction in the real world. Out there is where our best ideas belong. In the evolving cities and communities that inspire what we do. Wherever our ingenuity takes us, the people and the place will be our guide.